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What’s coming next…


18 months ago, I decided I wanted to start developing an Android app.
I was already a Podcast Addict, using my PC to download all my podcasts before copying the files into my phone through a USB connexion.
So I decided to create an Android app in order to manage my podcasts from my phone.

Of course, such apps already existed on the Google Play, but it was for me an opportunity to build my own app with all the features I needed. It was also an opportunity to promote french independent podcasts in french speaking countries.
6 months later, the app was available on the Google Play…
Then I kept adding new features to make it as stable and as complete as possible.

Of course, there’s still a lot of work to be done like:

  •     improving the UI
  •     adding a download manager screen
  •     improving the subscriptions screen
  •     adding a recommendation engine
  •     adding an internal video player
  •     …

Some of those future features will require new connections to my server / database. For now, I was just using a small shared server, but I will soon need to upgrade it to a private server / database in order to be able to answer incoming traffic. (FYI the server is used to store the online database queried by the search engine and mine only allows a couple of concurrent connection for now)
I also have some problems solving a few bugs because I don’t have a lot of hardware to test my app with. So I’ll soon need to buy a BlueTooth headset, a new phone and a Google TV to fix some existing bugs and to test the app on different screen sizes.

Both the server upgrade and the hardware purchase will cost me some money…

So in order to keep improving the app, I decided to change a few things.

Podcast Addict will remain free, but I will add an ad banner in the app in order to generate some revenue. There won’t be any limitation whatsoever in the app.
Then for those wanting to support the app, I will add a Donate app that will cost around 2€. It will of course allow you to use Podcast Addict without any ad banner.

In case you don’t want any ad banner on the app, and you also don’t want the paid app, you will need to disable the app automatic update on the Google Play, otherwise as soon as I publish the new release, it will replace your existing ad free Podcast Addict app.

Regarding the price of the donate app, I chose 2€ in order to receive 1€. For your information, on every app sold on the Google Play, Google will keep 30%, and then I will have to declare those new revenues for my taxes… and everyone knows they aren’t cheap in France ;)

And in case you think 2€ is not enough, I will add a paypal button in the donate app ;)

Please, fill free to tell me what you think about this. You can leave a comment or you can send me a tweet.

  1. revesdegeek
    06/12/2012 à 06:36 | #1

    Here’s what I get for warning people about a future change in the app:
    « Don’t get why you would need a server. Keep a light version the way it is, a few little improvements : move to sd card, remove the crappy mandatory podcasts from your friends and publish your ad stuffed version as another program with search options, rings and bells. Latest update is buggy and slow. Getting quite fat too. »

    FYI there already is a server behind the app that store an online podcast database. Everytime you use the app search engine this remote database is queried. My server subscription only allows a couple of concurrent for now.
    There’s no crappy mandatory friend podcasts. If you says that you listen to french podcasts on the 1st launch a list of suggested french podcast is displayed. There are not subscribed to by default.
    Last update only fix Feed specific bugs, so I don’t thing it made the app buggy, slow or fat.
    The app size is only 1.2Mb on the market which is quite small.
    Sorry to see the advance warning forced you to change your review to a single star.
    You could just have disabled the app auto update feature on the Google Play as explained in my post…

  2. Seymour Buds
    06/12/2012 à 06:45 | #2

    Keep up the good work. Don’t mind the ad as long as it’s not intrusive. If there’s only one thing I would like would be to be able to pause and skip from the lock screen.

    • revesdegeek
      06/12/2012 à 07:54 | #3

      Thx for your feedback. I will try to make the ad the less intrusive as possible.
      Since a few release you can use the widgets on the lock screen but to do so you need a 4.2 android device. I will add next/previous track buttons on the widget in a future release.

  3. David
    06/12/2012 à 10:05 | #4

    Thankyou for the warning. I really like your app due to the minimal permissions and lack of unnecessary features. All I want is something to get and play the small number of podcasts I subscribe to, and your app is great for that. I would pay for a full version, but I can’t pay via google.

    I also don’t see the need for a server, but maybe because I find the feed address from the publishing website first. There are many ways to do the same thing, no?

    • revesdegeek
      06/12/2012 à 10:16 | #5

      The server store a podcast database. I have around 10000 queries a day so I think people really use it. I want to ad more feature like podcast recomandations based on your intereset, a way to vote (+1/-1) for episodes… all this future features will add more stress on the database. For now my shared server is limited to a couple of concurrent database connection. That’s why I need to upgrade. FYI I already pay for a small shared server ;b

  4. superdioz
    06/12/2012 à 12:15 | #6

    i’m a developer too and your app it’s the best podcast manager in the playstore, there are serveral others podcast reader, all of them arent free and for sure arent better than your app.

    so i’m with you, i will get the donate version, we must support your good work :)

  5. brianjorch
    06/12/2012 à 19:46 | #7

    I’ll support Your work! Honestly guys, 2€, comon!

  6. 06/12/2012 à 20:27 | #8

    What do you think about an integration of flattr? Maybe this could also be a way to get some money for further development…

  7. revesdegeek
    06/12/2012 à 22:42 | #9



    Thx a lot for your feedback !

  8. revesdegeek
    06/12/2012 à 22:44 | #10

    I don’t know about flattr for the app itself but I was thinking about it as a way to support podcasts. But I’m not sure if it’s popular enough among Podcasters.
    In France it isn’t used by podcasts.

  9. 06/12/2012 à 23:22 | #11

    I guess 19 of the german top twenty podcasts use flattr…
    The developer of instacast (the best iOS podcast app) tried to integrate flattr in his app. Apple declined the app because of that feature. But far more interesting is, he would have got a fee by flattr for flatterd podcasts in his app… If want to know more, ask @timpritlove. He is the most popular german podcaster with good connections to flattr and he’s starting a network of developers about everything related to podcasts. It’s called podlove …

  10. revesdegeek
    06/12/2012 à 23:41 | #12

    Ok nice to know. The main problem is how to retrieve the podcast Flattr id from the RSS feed ?
    Podlove seems really nice, but it will only work with a few podcasts using that feature.
    I will ask some french podcaster about the flattr system.

  11. 08/12/2012 à 02:58 | #13

    Nice ap, maybe could use a sleep timer?

    • revesdegeek
      08/12/2012 à 08:26 | #14

      It’s already in my TODO list ;)

  12. 08/12/2012 à 17:52 | #15


  13. ady
    11/12/2012 à 07:08 | #16

    Great work. Donation for this app is worth giving than being forced to buy expensive podcast apps. Definitely there are and will be improvements with each new releases.

  14. SadMama
    04/01/2013 à 16:49 | #18

    I love your app and have it installed on both my phone and my tablet.

    HOWEVER, I am offended by your icon showing a needle. Working in the schools, I know of too many people afflicted by addiction and of numerous young people who have DIED of heroin overdoses.

    Your icon is OFFENSIVE to many people, myself included. I am sure you can improve that image – it is hurtful and painful for so many people and it is NOT cute or funny. It is sad and a painful reminder of tragedy in so many lives.

    Please remove the image of a needle!!!

    • revesdegeek
      04/01/2013 à 21:35 | #19


      Thx for your feedback. I understand that you can find the app icon offensive, however I’m not planning of changing it for now.
      I’m not against replacing the icon but not for these reasons. If I can find an icon that can be related to both podcast and addiction and which is better looking than the current one I will replace it but for now I have to much work improving the app and no talent for graphic design…

  15. Ciara
    27/01/2013 à 22:42 | #20

    Loving your app. So worth the upgrade.
    Question- how do I stop the app downloading every episode in the past, or how do I trigger automatic deletion.
    Thanks a million, keep up the good work!

    • revesdegeek
      27/01/2013 à 23:26 | #21


      The app won’t download automatically old episodes. You might have press ‘download unread episodes’ on a podcast. You can cancel thoses downloads from the filter ‘download in progress’.

  16. dylan
    12/03/2013 à 08:11 | #22

    Great app I really enjoy using it. I have 1 suggestion, on the playlist screen I often can’t see the full title of the podcast. Perhaps you could use smaller text, or have it wrap, or have it scroll when touched or something.
    Thanks for the great app!

    • revesdegeek
      12/03/2013 à 12:18 | #23


      Thanks for your suggestion. What I can do, is make the name of the selected (playing) episode scroll to display the full name.
      I’ll do it in the next release.


  17. Dieter
    16/03/2013 à 09:22 | #24

    Hi -
    nice app, but when I try to add this podcast, I get an error message:

    • revesdegeek
      16/03/2013 à 11:24 | #25

      If you open this link on a browser you will see that there’s some kind of problem with their server ;)

  18. Dieter
    16/03/2013 à 11:56 | #26

    I am not sure.
    I also tried
    with the same result, and this address works in BeyondPod

    • revesdegeek
      16/03/2013 à 12:19 | #27

      Server are down or feed URL invalid. Just open it on a web browser, you will see the error message. Some services (like google reader) are storing feed contents on their own servers. That way you can still access feeds even when their own server are down. Beyond pod seems to be using Google reader servers rather than parsing the RSS feed. I’m just parsing the RSS feed and in that case, right now those feeds aren’t available/valid

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